Hello, Buon Giorno, Marhaba, Hola!

We began life as a Melbourne based business created out of our own need for a reliable, consistent and high-quality service that we couldn’t find for ourselves – so we created one.

Who are we you ask?

Well his name is Vince Camassa and he is a passionate coffee maestro and my name is Laudy Cincotta and I am the passionate coffee drinker that drinks his coffee!

I like to cook and love to eat so along the way I started feeding him and then couldn’t get rid of him – so he stayed and we decided to open our own cafes so we could feed people and caffeinate other deprived Melbournians.  

We discovered we had lots in common and that’s what brought us together nearly 20 years ago!

These days we are still fanatical coffee drinkers so much so that now we ended up restoring & installing a classic Faema E61 coffee machine at home where everyone comes to us for coffee now!

We are avid foodies and enjoy nothing more than a shared meal with people we love.

We are aspiring world travelers and would love to eat and drink our way around the world in our retirement.

We are the parents of a dozen or so indoor plants……and we haven’t killed them yet.  Oh yeah, while we are on the subject of parents we also have 6 children and 5 grandchildren.  No pets – we have enough to look after!

Vince is a vintage muscle car aficionado, former recreational drummer who loves a broad variety of music including jazz, blues, rock, pop and international compilations, an avid reader of biographies, a tinkerer in his spare time and collector of caps and hats.

I am a lover and sharer of essential oils, my kids think I am a hippy and a weirdo, I love markets and quirky things, my blood type is coffee, I still try and feed anyone that will allow me to cook for them, I don’t like hot weather, l love the beach in winter, love the hills and the mist in the cold, I am an aspiring building biologist, I love reading, am lifelong student, and believe there is always a solution to every problem – I like to think outside the square.

Oh and we are both still obsessive about what we do, now more so than ever before. This is why in everything we do we bring a commitment to share our love and passion – yes, even for cleaning!

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