Is your air conditioning making you sick?

Split system Air Conditioning units are a common site on the walls of many homes and offices and businesses and while they work efficiently to heat and cool our indoor environments not a thought is given to cleaning and maintaining them for threats to our health.

Most people, including air conditioning mechanics have no understanding of the dangers that the presence of mould creates.

Cleaning of the removable filters only provides a superficial reduction in visible dust however it will not reduce the risks still hiding internally.

Only a trained professional with a background and understanding of mould and where it resides within a split system will understand how to successfully access and hygienically clean the unit.

Our Clean Fresh Air teams use specialist equipment to remove the visible build-up of dust and mould, achieving the best possible delivery outcome and ensuring a supply of clean fresh air.

Split System Air Conditioning Units are an ideal breeding ground for mould!

Dust + Moisture = Mould

Split System Air Conditioners should be cleaned annually, if not more frequently to ensure they are not harbouring dust or any other organic matter that when coupled with moisture allow mould to thrive.

Economical & Efficient

A Split System Air Conditioner free of any build-up will not only allow occupants to breathe cleaner, healthier indoor air, it will also allow the unit to run more efficiently, drawing less power which results in savings on your electricity bill whilst increasing the operational life of the unit.

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