Clean Fresh Group

It's all in the detail.

Welcome to the Clean Fresh Group. A new name for an established business that reflects the broader range of expertise and services now being delivered. Clean Fresh Group leverages the 12 years of expertise of the Nature’s Angels commercial cleaning business.

A new name to reflect a significant new focus on key client groups in the medical and corporate sectors. Businesses that recognise the value and benefits that detailed cleaning and maintenance of the work environment adds to the reputation of their business. In addition to this focus on medical and corporate cleaning, complimentary new areas of expertise are being added.


Clean Fresh Group

Clean Fresh Air will launch in early 2019 to deliver specialised cleaning for Split System Air Conditioning units in both domestic and commercial environments.

These units should be professionally cleaned at least once a year to provide appropriate hygiene and an effective solution for the removal of built up dust and mould ensuring a cleaner internal air system.

In the near future, Clean Fresh Group will also introduce further specialist services through Clean Fresh Consulting and Clean Fresh Education.

The Consulting team will leverage the knowledge and skills of Building Biologists to audit and report on the built environments and the Education team will deliver practical and insightful programs instructing consumers on the benefits of effective cleaning, how to do it properly and what to use and what not to use in relation to cleaning products.

The Clean Fresh Group aims to be the preeminent, trusted source of knowledge and expertise in relation to cleaning and maintaining the built environment, for Building Biologists, their clients and the broader community.

If you are looking for a trusted partner to compliment your existing service offerings in relation to Building Biology, then while you are at the conference, take the opportunity to say hello and ask us about our Clean Fresh approach.

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