Welcome to the Clean Fresh Group.  We’re really happy you found us!

Over the years our business has changed and evolved so much through our combined experiences, the amazing people we have met on our journey and our shared love of learning which has made us even more determined to do what we love – help others who need it.

Ours is an interesting story.

We started life as Natures Angels, a high-quality, environmentally friendly cleaning company yet we are so much more than that!

Fast forward thirteen years and we have decided to work with a new name for our well-established and much-loved business that we believe reflects our journey and all that we encompass. It also allows us to help and support many more people in the environmental space through our building biology lens that are dealing with legitimate concerns for which they can’t find any answers.

That is why we created the Clean Fresh Group which is the new personality we believe combines all of what we love and do into one place.

It is really important to us as it allows us to move forward on an exciting new path where we can focus on other areas that we are passionate about in the environmental, health & wellness spaces.

We are and will always be a breath of Clean Fresh Air in our industry and we really look forward to interacting with you.

While we are putting together a website we love that will provide you with more information on what we do this temporary page will allow you to contact us if you need help or would like to know more.

Clean Fresh Group

Email: info@cleanfreshgroup.com.au

Phone: 1300 613 114